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    We invite you to our slo-working place

    A co-working/co-living place that gives you space to be yourself and gets the best out of you. A place to create valuable and sustainable connections with inspiring people.


    Take your project on holiday with us. Stay for a weekend, a week or more. The best ideas rarely come when sitting at your desk. They come during those "in-between" moments when hiking up a mountain deep in conversation, having lunch in a tree house or enjoying a glass of wine by a crackling fire, overlooking the ocean.


    We welcome you to slow down and create more.

    I'm in! When can i visit?

    We're building it, right now.

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    Where is it?

    We're exploring Portugal.

    With it's amazing landscape, climate, culture, food and wine it's a no-brainer really.

  • Founders

    Meet Henrietta and Rik

    Our Slo-Working Story

    Hi I'm Henrietta, call me Hen. This is my partner Rik (says hi).

    I'm Swedish, raised in England with Swiss/Turkish step-family. My life has been a yoyo between different cultures, particularly between my dad in Stockholm and my mum in Brighton. Lots of travelling, chatting to strangers and staying with grandparents in the Scandinavian out-back for weeks on end, entertaining myself building dens and foraging blueberries. I love being creative, being in nature, being together. Then, I became an adult... and society told me to stop playing, work hard and keep busy!


    I started working life as a designer for creative studios, start-ups and social enterprises as well as desk jobs for big corporate companies. One day, I find myself 2 years in at a 9-5 desk job as a mental health patient advisor and deeply unhappy. So, I went part time and juggled this with a design job as that was what my degree was in, right? Still unhappy. I got told to "follow my heart" and "do what you love". I decided that because I love massage to take on a Swedish Massage qualification, obviously.


    I was tired and unhappy, working with seriously mentally ill patients half the week, trying to be fun and creative designing cool stuff the other half of the week and studying anatomy for the massage therapist course on the weekends. I became very unwell and not very good at anything I was doing. It took a toll on my relationships, my mental and physical health. Being more busy didn't fix anything, it was all too much.

    I needed to slow down.
    So I quit.


    Slowing down was the best decision I ever made. It gave me time to focus on the important stuff, and remembering the simple things that made me truly happy - like foraging for blueberries! By slowing down we see more clearly and create things of more value - in relationships, work and life in general.


    Then I met Rik and we set up a purposeful business together. Choosing the nomadic life of remote working, we've travelled between co-working spaces across Asia. Living at home stays and yoga retreats; getting inspired by different people's lifestyles, especially those who have chosen the slow road -and are much happier. We got such a buzz from the co-working and co-living and the people that we met that I thought - hey, this is it, this is what I want to offer to the world. I want to create spaces that gets the best out of people, plus I love hosting. We shared our journey with The Happy Startup School tribe, a network of purpose driven entrepreneurs. It was at one of their events in India that the idea for a slo-working place in Portugal was born (the Goa vibe definitely had something to do with it).


    The way we live, work and play is changing. We need creative spaces to help us get out of the "busy" rut where we're drowning in unnecessary to-do lists. A place we can focus on the good stuff, being true to ourselves, and create more value with like-minded inspiring people. We don't need another room full of individuals sat by their laptop, just like any other office. We need that den in the woods and people to play with.


    So, take your project on holiday with us.

    We welcome you to slow down to create more.


    Join our journey and help us build the first slo-working place :)


    See you in Portugal

    Hen & Rik


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